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Messy Awakening Purify Palo Santo Spray

Messy Awakening Purify Palo Santo Spray

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Blessed Moon Water & Palo Santo EO spray
Multiple sizes are available
Amethyst and smokey Quartz Chips in Bottle

A great alternative to those who cannot use smoke to cleanse their spaces or items.

Metaphysical properties
"Palo Santo's sweet wooded scent has been used for ages for smoke cleansing. It helps removeunwantedenergy, connection to source, protection, as well as helps soothe stress and anxiety"

*** In accordance with Etsy policy, this item is for entertainment purposes only. Seller makes no claims that this item has supernatural powers, it is a curio item only.

This is not a replacement for medical or professional help. Please take care of you!***
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