About Us


Misty McIntire/ Owner

Hi! I am Misty, owner and creator of Messy Awakening. I first started my business with just reading tarot and having a small online crystal shop. Since then, It has grown and branched out, and now those who are all a part of Messy Awakening want to offer you more!

I am an Eclectic Practitioner for over 16 years. Certified Master Reiki Energy Healer, Crystal Enthusiast, and Tarot Reader from Cincinnati,  Ohio. I love knowing anything new about any subject, and strive to constantly be learning something new every day.  I've studied everything to do with the Metaphysical, divination, and Esoteric Arts for as long as I can remember. I've come to a point in my life where I feel it's time to share all of that knowledge I've come across with others, and combine it all into an easier way to learn than I had. I believe everyone has healing and intuitive abilities, and are able to heal themselves. I am here to  show you how you can go within, and tap into those abilities, and the tools to use while doing so!

Stephanie Lawson/ Astrologer and Tarot Reader/ Wears Many Hats 

Hello everyone! I am your Astrology Blogger!! Astrology has been a part of my life as long as I can remember and I was drawing charts by hand before there was the internet with all of this access to information. I am an Intuitive Clair of all Trades, Astrologer, Numerologist, Crystal Hoarder, YouTube Content Creator and Tarot Reader from California. I hope to bring you all a variety of knowledge with my over 15 years of experience in these different areas. I will see you all during the live sales and be sure to check out my YouTube Channel and follow me where you like for updates!!

Michaela Lauren King/ Messy Original Artwork Creator/ Live Assistant


We have so much planned, and so much more to come to this website. Expect big things!