Sun in Pisces and Venus in Fiery Aries

Sun in Pisces and Venus in Fiery Aries

The Sun is now officially in Pisces until March 20th.

We are more motivated to feel and dream when the Sun is in Pisces. Pisces is the sign that governs empathy, selfless love, devotion, and wisdom. We may feel the desire to withdraw in order to replenish our energy during this time, and that's ok.
While we may not always express our emotions and impressions during this period, they are still very powerful and motivating.   We may choose to neglect problems or conflicts rather than confront them head on, hoping they'll eventually settle themselves out.  During this time if we can connect with our hearts and help those around us, prosperity will flow. . Its darker side can manifest as self-pity, a sense of being victimized by life, passivity, and elusiveness.


Mercury is in Aquarius from February 11-March 2. 

We may be extremely curious and open to new and original ideas. 
We start thinking outside the box, and our ideas become more progressive and have purpose. 
Our communication and behavior processes are irregular, scattered, sensible.  
This is a period when creativity and innovation is at a high in our thought process.

We're reasonable people who find it easier to detach  from emotion when evaluating a situation.  Our ideas 
 are a bit more progressive than usual, open to new hobbies or classes, but we are not easily swayed from our opinions or values. 
We are more interested in thinking that is courageous or original during this cycle. 
As we imagine a better future, we can generate truly intriguing thoughts and theories.



Venus is in Aries from February 20-March 16. 

Love can be spontaneous and direct under the fiery influence of Venus in Aries. Venus in Aries loves the thrill of the chase, something new and exciting to strive for. 

Aries energy is very straightforward; there is no sugarcoating. This can be painful or harsh to some, but Aries energy is rarely mean or unkind. Desires are strong and expressed in an unexpected, excitable, forward, and direct way.
Our preferences during this time can lean toward quickly moving forward, new ventures, conquests, brave or exciting new activities, and so on. When it involves financial matters or leisure, we can be a little rash.



Venus and Mercury Semi-Square on February 25-26. Communications with that special someone may seem lackluster and unsatisfying. Maybe even a bit awkward. 


Venus is parallel Jupiter on February 28. Try not to over indulge this day. We may feel more giving and empathetic with others. We also want our relationships to have purpose more-so than usual. 



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