Insane Week to open October!!

Insane Week to open October!!

Astrology Transits for October 4th to the 10th!!

Pluto in Capricorn Stationed Direct on the day of the Libra New Moon , October 6th, while the New Moon (which forms when the Sun and Moon are exactly conjunct, or right on top of each other if you are still learning terminology) was Conjunct BOTH Mars in Libra and Mercury Retrograde in Libra!! Quite a Power House Energy to have all in one day, so hump day this week was more like a mountain for some. 

What does all of this mean?

The Libra New Moon on its own brings this need to create balance in areas of our lives that we cannot hide from anymore, especially unfair or unjust situations. It brings a lot to light in our relationships and what we feel is how we deserve to be treated. It also brings a new awareness to our environment and we deem as acceptable surroundings. Use this energy to align with what you deserve and what brings you peace, in both people and surroundings. Begin creating change and if you need to get stuff out of your life just wait for the Aries Full Moon in a couple weeks and you'll be able to cleanse your life with fire, but that is for a different Blog.

Everyone has already been hearing all about Mercury in Libra going Retrograde, but this week it will be sitting directly on the Sun in Libra and basically holding hands with the Moon in Libra for most of the week. This means the slow down effect of Mercury Retrograde will be hitting us right where this New Moon energy is opening our eyes and laser focus creating rapid internal self reflection. Can be pulling yourself through Honey or Mud, your perspective will decide what you are slowly wading through, so do what is best for you! This is literally the perfect energy for the old cliche` "Mercury Retrograde means your ex is coming back!". However, it is amped beyond the usual drunk text or I miss you, it is full fledged we divorced let's start over like how it was in the beginning. This energy is also swift moving since it is all happening in the sign of Libra which is Air Energy, very swift communication however...

At this same time Mars in Libra is sitting right on top of all this action this week. Mars brings in a lot when it comes around and fast. It wants war, movement, decisive action, and can cause a lot of misunderstandings just on its own. Libra energy is literally Mars which rules Aries Opposite. This is a conflict that will bring a lot of brash decisions, and possibly anger to disagreements when dealing with partners be romantic, business, or work. If something isn't fair a sudden well of anger my flare up when usually you would keep the peace or you may be a lot more closed off to speaking up amidst all the chaotic energy. Libra energy is all about weighing out and balancing energies, pros and cons. Change is for our good though, so if you find a new way to communicate in these types of relationships, whichever need a good renovation done currently or have needed one for a while, use it to create a foundation built on what brings passion into your life instead of what pleases everyone else. 

Remember I mentioned Pluto in Capricorn goes direct also this week. It is also squaring, or creating challenges to overcome for our growth, to all that I mentioned above. Pluto energy is all about death, rebirth, transformation, huge extremes, even though this planet travels slowly it hates stagnant energy. This Energy opens up the deepest, most buried parts of ourselves to evaluate, especially those parts that scare us the most. Paired with Capricorn which is stable, goal oriented, rigid energy that needs to create structure and foundations out of tons of hard work and perseverance, we get this heavy feeling of there is no easy way out of this. There is only forward, which is exactly what Pluto is now doing since it is going direct, all of these inner battles we have been facing are coming out into the light now. What do you have to show for all of your hard work? What truths did you discover and what will you honor? How have you changed this year? This is what you are going to see outside of your internal world now, broadcast for everyone to see, no more hiding.

 Saturn Finally goes Direct in Aquarius on October 10th!! This may bring a welcome sigh of relief for those currently going through their Saturn Return (this happens approximately between the ages starting at 29-30 and ending at 30-31). Also if you know from your natal chart that your Saturn is in the sign of Aquarius then you are currently in your Saturn Return. This will come different to you all, where as others may see this on a slightly smaller scale or just rapid bursts, as compared to the slow steady build up of a lot of energy while having your Saturn Return. The Energy of this is one of Rebellion, fighting what has been to rigid of a system for too long. On a huge level we have government and medical foundations crumbling and being remade with something that isn't of what we all know to even exist. On a personal level this is happening in your life. A lot of hidden internal energies are causing structures to give way to new ideas, new ways to approach what we didn't even realize we needed, as well as new age mindsets. How are we going to move forward? We have had a lot of time to think about it during this Retrograde energy. What do we want to advocate for, what is our truth, how are we being true to our authenticity? We will see this in ourselves, but moreover we are going to see it all around is. Full Speed Ahead!!


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