11 Tips for Surviving Retrograde Energy (Anytime)

11 Tips for Surviving Retrograde Energy (Anytime)

 Currently Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, and Mercury are all retrograde. Until the 18th when Jupiter and Mercury decide to grace us by going direct but what can we do until then?

1. Take things slow:  Everything will try to annoy you so be aware and come back to center as much as you can. Communication will be harder and weirder than usual (especially with friends and partners, romantic or business, since this retrograde is in the sign of Libra).

2. Be gentle with yourself: It is easy to get caught up in everything going wrong, focus on what you are doing good, getting out of bed is an accomplishment, don't discount yourself and how precious your energy is. When you are not sure what to do practice some self love by doing something you love, even if that is listening to your favorite song on repeat for a while.

3. Drink A LOT of water: This is more than just a health tip. This helps clear away energies others not as privy to the retrograde energy are throwing around during this time. This is also a great way to center whether you like it ice cold, lukewarm, or hot (tea) it can help ground you while dealing with others chaos (and your inner world).

4. BOUNDARIES: Say no if you are feeling like saying no. Retrogrades are draining and more than likely there is a lot of self reflection and healing happening at this time dealing with the past (especially relationships since this retrograde is in the Sign of Libra). Give yourself permission to speak your mind if someone is overstepping clear boundaries and disrespecting you. True colors come out a lot during retrogrades.

5. Technology will go bonkers: Walk away if you have to and come back. That app logging you out or your computer randomly blue screening for no reason is not worth your sanity. Anything you have done can be done again. Retrograde loves making us revisit things as well as making us paranoid about saving our progress...

6. Try to sleep and nap when your body needs it: During this time your inner voice will try to be louder than your mind. It will tell you what your body needs and burnout can happen super fast if you are fighting everything "not going as planned". We don't have much control in that anyways so just through that out the window with this many planets doing the Cha Cha Slide and Reversing on all of us at the same time.

7. Listen to your emotions: Retrogrades (especially mercury) make you drop what is outside and mental and go inward to emotional and heart. This is happening to help you, not harm you. Feeling things and processing them slowly, instead of the usual rapid pace of direct energy, allows for true healing. This can easily heighten intuition and help with developing practices that are closer to your heart and less from the book.

8. Do something creative: This is very healing during retrogrades especially. This allows you to get all that stuff that is sitting inside out on something. Creating happens in many forms, not just painting or writing. Whatever gets you excited and you made it yourself, even an excel spread sheet, is you being creative, and will open you to trying other things.

9. Everything will be slow: This is why slowing down yourself is so important. If you are still rushing while everything else is at less than half speed you might as well be running through molasses. If you still haven't received that email you have been waiting for more than likely it never got sent in the first place because something else happened. It isn't you it is the retrograde.

10. Nature is your friend: Best thing to do when technology drives you crazy..go outside, or as close as you can get to it. Turn off your phone and designate some time each day to literally just breathe. This is great even without retrograde energy being present, but is definitely a need while it is there.

11. Go about life as usual: The world isn't ending, just slowing down. You can still get done what you need to and some people (especially those with native retrograde planets in their Natal Charts) actually get a burst of inspiration during retrogrades. You will know your energy so trust yourself. 

Retrogrades are all about learning to communicate to yourself what your needs are, plus finding out where you may wanna revise some ways you communicate with others. Remember everyone is going through the retrograde energy in their own way, you can be compassionate, but don't be a doormat! 😊

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